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Serena Williams Invests $5,000,000 in Bitcoin Rewards Startup Lolli

This time last year, Bitcoin was valued at around $5,000. Today, it is worth over $50,000! Bitcoin has become increasingly mainstream and accessible, so much so that you can purchase a Tesla car with it!

Tesla isn’t the first company to allow Bitcoin to be used as a payment method, just as Elon Musk isn’t the only celebrity/public figure to endorse it.

Selena Williams recently invested in a Bitcoin rewards company named Lolli.

But what is Lolli, and what does this investment mean for the future of Bitcoin (and its value)? Read on to find out!

Lolli and Bitcoin Rewards

Lolli is a Bitcoin Reward Startup. Rather than offering cashback in traditional currencies, users who shop using the website or app have the choice of receiving bitcoin as a reward.

Lolli offers access to over 1,000 stores and brands, including Adidas, Booking.com, GoDaddy, and Sephora. Bitcoin rewards are often around 5% but can be as high as 30% on some purchases!

Lolli stands out from similar startups, in that users can transfer their Bitcoin rewards directly to their Bitcoin wallet, while also having the option to simply cash out and transfer the USD value to their bank account.

This is particularly beneficial for anybody investing in Bitcoin, as they can continually top-up their fund without using their own money. You get all the rewards of owning Bitcoin without any of the financial risks.

Users can download Lolli as an internet browser extension on Firefox or Google Chrome. If you have an iPhone, there is an app available as well. The company hasn’t released the Android version yet, but it is in the works.

The Bitcoin Rewards site has over 250,000 users who have earned over $3 million worth of Bitcoin over the past 3 years just by shopping. Right now, you can get $10 on Lolli by joining through our special link and earning cashback one time. We earn cashback through them every time we shop on eBay!

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Celebrity Investment

Serena Williams recently made Bitcoin news when her investment firm (Serena Ventures) contributed to Lolli’s goal of raising $5 million. Williams stated:

“Earning and owning Bitcoin is a step towards financial inclusivity for all people.”

She is one of several big names that has contributed to the Bitcoin Rewards Startup, including her husband, Alexis Ohanian, who owns a venture capital firm named Seven Seven Six.

Lolli’s previous round of funding saw Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher, and YouTuber, Michelle Phan contribute to the $3 million seed funding round. This money went towards developing the app.

Williams, Kutcher, and Phan are among some even bigger names currently endorsing and investing in Bitcoin as a progressive currency. Mike Tyson launched his own Bitcoin Wallet and ATMs, while Snoop Dogg made his albums available for purchase with Bitcoin back in 2013.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is 7x more valuable now than it was this time last year. It is impossible to say for certain whether Bitcoin’s price will continue to increase. But with continued endorsement and investment, it seems likely that up is the only direction it can go!

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