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New Electric Car ‘Daymak Spiritus’ Will Mine Bitcoin and Dogecoin While Parked

The average cost of owning a car ranges between 6 to 10 thousand dollars a year. Have you ever wondered after a hefty maintenance purchase how great it would be if your car made you money instead of costing it?

Now it can with cutting-edge cars hitting the auto industry that are capable of cryptocurrency mining while parked. This isn’t a science fiction novel, blockchain technology is now part of some Light Electric Vehicles or LEVS.

Read on to learn all about the Daymak Spiritus, the first vehicle of its kind that can earn its driver money.

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Some of us have yet to catch up on the science fiction novel that modern society has become. For these carefree souls, a brief explanation of what cryptocurrency mining is might be in order.

To understand cryptocurrency mining you first need to delve into some blockchain basics. Blockchain technology is the foundation of cryptocurrency and coin mining. 

In short, it is a virtually unfalsifiable ledger. This ledger is composed of a near-infinite amount of complicated mathematical encryption puzzles. These all link each of the transactions together.

Mining is the process of completing these complicated math puzzles. What is produced is a “coin” which is the embodiment of all the puzzle work done.

The coin of whatever cryptocurrency such as Dogecoin or Bitcoin has a corresponding U.S. dollar value on the open market. The value of cryptocurrency is in constant flux and sometimes changes very fast. 

This makes it important to keep up with crypto prices if you are an intrepid crypto trader looking to turn a profit.

The coin is what is awarded to miners after their device solves vast numbers of these encryption transaction puzzles. You can mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on any device with enough processing power.

Usually, this takes the form of a supercomputer. However, now with the advent of the Daymak Spiritus even the computer onboard your vehicle can mine crypto for you.

Enter the Daymak Spiritus

The Daymak Spiritus combines two concepts that were once considered avant-garde. Each is now taking the mainstream by storm.

The first is alternative-powered vehicles that run on electricity. The second is cryptocurrency with all its decentralized economic implications.

There has been a recent hubbub in the news about cryptocurrency’s questionable environmental status. This news also involves a certain notable inventor’s opinion. 

Ever since this story, harvesting cryptocurrency with renewable energy is on everyone’s mind.

The Daymak Spiritus is part of the answer to the dilemma of finding sustainably sourced crypto. It incorporates a solar panel into its design which allows you to mine cryptocurrency using the sun’s energy while it is parked.

While mining cryptocurrency with the use of renewable energy is nothing new, doing it via an automobile is. Imagine a car that is always making you money.

Whether its computer is powered by electricity or solar panels, the cryptocurrency mining potential is always there. Imagine being able to pay for your transportation with your transportation itself. 

This is the idea the Daymak Spiritus is trying to bring to fruition. All while saving the environment and lessening society’s dependence on fossil fuels at the same time.

Other Features of This Remarkable Vehicle

The Daymak Spiritus has a bunch of other amazing features. These are in addition to its onboard cryptocurrency mining technology. For starters, the three-wheel design of the Spiritus gives it some unique design flare.

It has been marketed as the world’s fastest three-wheel electric car by Canadian automobile manufacturer Daymak. The car comes in two versions the Ultimate and the Deluxe.

The Ultimate tops out at around 130 mph while the Deluxe’s top end is still notable but a bit slower at 85 mph. The Ultimate also has an all-wheel-drive making it a capable vehicle for snow or off-road conditions.

The Ultimate is capable of going from 0-60 in less than 2 seconds, while the Deluxe comes in right around 7 seconds for the same acceleration interval. 

The Ultimate comes with carbon fiber bodywork, autonomous driving ability, wireless charging, and a state-of-the-art traction and suspension system. All of these features have their cost, however.

The Deluxe version is projected to retail for right around $20,000 while the Ultimate is more than seven times that at $140,000.

Daymak started taking preorders for both of these vehicles and sold out in the first few days. Keep your eye on this revolutionary and popular vehicle once it hits markets in 2023.

More About Daymak

In addition to the Spiritus, Daymak plans on releasing a whole line of futuristic green vehicles as well.

Daymak’s Avvenire line will include an electric bicycle, a covered electric bicycle, an AWD electric scooter, an enclosed ATV, and even a flying car. 

This Canadian company is one to keep an eye on in the coming years. Their lofty goals and forward-thinking could make them an industry leader in the near future.

Daymak is based out of Toronto and builds many of their vehicles onsite at their facility. They have been a leader in the electric vehicle field for over two decades.

Their initial claim to fame was building some top-of-the-line mobility scooters and two-wheel vehicles. Since these initial products, Daymak has entered the realm of full-on electric vehicle production.

They are some of the first to incorporate a solar panel into their vehicles to help harass some of the electricity from the sun’s energy.

Daymak has a reputation for combining some cutting-edge ideas to make some very unique products.

The Spiritus is one prime example of this, but there will surely be many more as the years go by and Daymak earns more credibility and grows larger.

The Future Is Now

If you told someone about a car capable of cryptocurrency mining ten years ago they would laugh you off as a fool.

Now what once seemed like something out of the realms of science fiction is coming to the market as soon as next year.

Prepare yourself for the dawn of cryptocurrency mining vehicles that make you money as you drive them. Keep your eye on the Daymak Spiritus and if you need to educate yourself further about cryptocurrencies, contact us today.



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