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Bitcoin Price Clock

Constantly watching Bitcoin’s price? Tired of smashing F5 and opening apps? If you’ve done well in crypto its time to upgrade to a Bitcoin price tricker clock.

The BEST Bitcoin Price Clocks

LaMetric Smart Clock

It’s more than just a bitcoin price clock, this programmable desk display will show you the time, weather, price of any cryptocurrency, any social media stat such as twitter follower count, and 1000s of user developed apps. Tech savvy enough? You can create your own personal app and send any data you want to be displayed. Display features a cute pixelated picture and any number you want such as the bitcoin price.

This is the best bitcoin clock I’ve seen and I’ve personally used it for years without any issues. It’s on my desk as I type this.

Price: ~200

New Bitcoin Price Clocks?

Do you know of any new ones? Or maybe you use a different one? Please let me know below as I like checking out smart clocks!



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